AiPT Open Labs. 7 June 2023

About the event

At our AiPT Summer Event, we will dive into the cutting-edge world of photonics with AiPT researchers who will give talks about their latest research, share insights at interactive posters, and showcase innovative technologies at live demonstrations in our laboratories.

Following a select group of presentations, the Open Labs session will take place. It is intended to promote greater interaction among AiPT members and openly exhibit our research activities. This session provides an ideal opportunity to learn about each other’s research and demonstrate AiPT Lab activities to senior management, colleagues from around the university, and an invited group of current and future industry collaborators.

During the Open Labs session, researchers will be on hand to discuss their research, demonstrate technologies, and explains concepts. In line with our objectives, presentations will be designed to accommodate non-experts in the field, with a focus on explaining the motivation, general principles and broader impacts of each research topic.

Date: 7 June 2023
Venue: MB 653, Aston University